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Biografia e ime

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I was born in Davidovc - Kosovo.I currently live and work in Holland, after having graduated from the Fine Art Academy in Prishtina, Kosovo. I have work as a lecturer but always been occupied by my painting and sculpture, I now work as a professional artist. The artist describes my work as “figurative abstract expressionism” and incorporates a vibrant palette and a-layering of colour. I use oil on canvas to create my expressive pieces that blur abstraction with figurative elements. My works are often bold in their use of colour and brushstrokes. I have exhibited in Sweden, Denmark,Turky,China, Austria,The Netherlands,Germany,Italy,United Kingdom,Spain,Portugal,Luver France,Belgium, Romania,Bulgaria,Macedonie,Slovenia,Croatie, Servie, Bosnia , Kosovo ,Albania, Brazil in both group and solo exhibitions.

Simpossium Turkay




Permanent collection of the Museum MAC Brazil 2011
Permanent collection of the Gallery Tetovo, Macedonia 2010
Permanent collection of the Gallery Aiud, Romenia 2010
Permanent collection of the Museum Tepecik,Turky 2010
Aperon Art PLus Gallery, Istanbul 2010
Gallery Tornby Denmark 2010;
RKD as from 2003;
Foundation Symbiose Sittard as from 2003;
Foundation art centre keeps out 2003;
AIDA as from 1994
Stichting Kunstcentrum Weert as from 2003;
Permanent collection of the National Gallery of Art in Tirana 1993
Artist figurative association of the Kosovo as from1989;
President of the foundation 'Zef Kolombi ' Ferizaj Kosovo as from 1988-1992
Member of foundation art centre ' Zef Kolombi ' Ferizaj Kosovo as from 1982;



2011 Museum Antalya,Turkay
2011 Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2011 Exhibition Geshaview Bulgaria
2011 Exhibition ART for HEART,Hannover,Duitsland
2011 Pallati i Kulturės Tetovė,Macedonia
2010 Gallery Berat,Albania
2010 Aperon Art Plus Gallery,Istanbul
2010 Art Fair Istanbol,Turky2010 Aperon Art Plus Gallery,Istanbul
2010 Wall For Peace - W -Afpiaap - Sanski/ Sarajevo / Bosnia – Hercegovina
2010 Drawings Biennale,Museum,Romania,
2010 Artist for freedom Rathaus Bensberg, Bergisch-Gladbachž,Germany
2010 Art Fair China, World Trade Center Beijing's
2010“Inter-Art” Foundation,Romania,Gallery
2010 Amsterdam Rembrandplein
2010 Culturel and ArtFestival, Tepecik, Turky
2010 Koloni Tetov, Macedonie, Gallery
2010 Louver Paris,France
2010 Artist for freedom Galileo-Park in Lennestadt,Duitsland
2010 Sharm Ell Sheikh,Egypte
2010 Museum of Portalegre,Portugal
2010 Mannheim,Galerie Bohner,Germany
2010 Vigo,Club Financiero de Vigo, The architect Palacios Gallery, Spain
2010 Biennale in London Gagliardi Gallery, A group exhibition of selected artist from The Biennale of Chianciano 2009,England
2009 Exhibition National Museum Cotroceni Bucharest,Romania
2009.Exhibition circulating in few Balkan countries Melenia Art Gallery Bucharest,Romania
2009 Biennale of Chianciano,Italie-The Art Museum of Chianciano Terme,Italy
2009 JMA Gallery Vienna, Austria
2008 Private salon Weert, Netherlands
2008 Private salon Kinrooi, Belgie
2008 Gallery Drente in Hooghalen,Netherlands
2008 Gallery Sigvardson 08. maj Denemarken
2008 Van Munster Complex in Amersfoort The Netherlands group gallery
2008 Gallery Sigvardson 02 februari Denemarken
2007 Art Process Trapani Sicilia Italy gallery group
2006 Stichting Kunstcentrum Weert,The Netherlands group
2006 Paterskerk Weert,The Netherlands gallery group
2006 Cigarenfabriek Delft , The Netherlands gallery group
2006 Molenhof, The Netherlands group gallery
2005 Paterskerk, the Netherlands group
2005 Molenhof, The Netherlands solo gallery
2005 Marziart Hamburg, Germany group gallery
2005 Stichting Kunstcentrum Weert solo private
2005 Reasons to love the earth Utrecht group
2005 Molenhof group gallery
2004 Royal Schouwburg The Hague group or museum
2004 Vredenburg Utrecht group or museum
2004 Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam group museum
2004 Atelier route solo private
2004 Kunstuitleen Tienschuur group museum
2003 OBS ' Graswinkel' government
2003 Atelier route solo private
2003 Kunstuitleen Tienschuur group keeps out museum
2003 Fontys end courts solo government
2003 Public library Nederweert solo government
2002 St. Teunis kapele vault keeps out solo government
2000 Town hall keep out solo government
2000 Old café keep out the currency private solo
1999 Molenhof keep out solo gallery
1997 Wommat district Duurstede ate solo gallery
1997 Rural church Abc-old one group or gallery
1997 Peace church Utrecht group or gallery
1997 Buurthuis the Toll Utrecht group government
1997 Church Utrecht group or gallery
1996 FNV Utrecht solo government
1996 Ekko Utrecht solo government
1996 Reception centre Utrecht group government
1996 Wommat district Duurstede ate solo gallery
1996 Peace church Utrecht solo gallery
1996 Park eye in already Utrecht group government
1996 Triumfatokerk Utrecht solo gallery
1995 Reception centre Utrecht solo government
1993 Unaryd gallery Sweden group
1993 Bank government Unaryd Sweden solo
1992 Home of culture Shtimje Kosovo solo
1991 Theatre fair Pristine Kosovo group
1990 XVII Fair gallery Pristine Kosovo group jumps
1990 Autumn 16de Biennale Pristine Kosovo group
1988 Home of culture Shtimje Kosovo solo
1987 VII Biennale drawing Pristine Kosovo group
1985 Private gallery Pristine Kosovo group
1984 Autumn fair gallery Pristine Kosovo group
1984 Fair gallery Pristine Kosovo group
1983 Sarajevo gallery ex - Yugoslavia group
1983 Zagreb gallery ex - Yugoslavia group
1983 Belgrade gallery ex - Yugoslavia group
1983 Private gallery Ferizaj group
1982 Zef Kolombi gallery Ferizaj Kosovo group
1981 Zef Kolombi gallery Ferizaj Kosovo group



2011 Remzi Limani, ese kritike, book
2010 Egyptian Art critiek: Talaat Abdul Aziz
2010 Interview: Michele Andree
2010 Review from Remzi Limani
2010 Interview: Natasha Gunn
2009 Genius Book
2008 Tirsdag newspape 29.januar
2006 June news the exactly Albart
2006 May newspaper Bota Sot diaspora
2006 May newspaper Zėri diaspora
2006 May newspaper Lajmi
2006 May newspaper Bota sot diaspora
2006 May newspaper Bota sot
2006 March newspaper Zėri diaspora
2006 February newspaper Bota Sot diaspora
2006 February newspaper Zėri diaspora
2006 January news the exactly albart
2006 January news the exactly albart
2006 January news the exactly albart
2005 December newspaper Zėri diaspora
2005 December book bald branch sing for green
2005 November newspaper Sunday news
2005 October news the exactly Albart
2005 October newspaper Zėri diaspora
2005 October newspaper Bota sot
2005 September newspaper Hamburg Abendblatt
2005 August newspaper Hoheluftbrucke
2005 August newspaper Hamburg live
2005 August newspaper Zėri diaspora
2005 August news the exactly Albart
2005 July newspaper Epoka e re
2005 July newspaper Land Weert
2005 July newspaper the Trumpe
2003 July newspaper Koha ditore
2003 July newspaper Fontys
2003 April newspaper the trumpet
2003 May documentation and information of foundation centre
2003 March newspaper Fontys
2003 April book album Artium
2002 April newspaper country
1999 december newspaper daily the Limburger
1999 November television TV keeps out interview
1997 Profession booklet cultural rondje
1996 Utrecht Television Reportage
1996 February profession booklet cultural
1996 March radio first left third Right
1996 Newspaper Utrechts nieuwsblad
1995 March television TV the Netherlands 2 reportage
1995 March television TV the Netherlands 2 reportage
1994 Book Drite ne lirikum
1990 Newspaper Rilindja
1987 June newspaper Rilindja
1983 Newspaper Rilindja
1983 Newspaper Zėri i rinis
1982 October newspaper Rilindja
1982 Newspaper Zėri i rinis

Shefqet Avdush Emini

Numri i postimeve : 12
Age : 61
Location : Holland
Job/hobbies : International Artist
Pikėt : 2766
Reputation : 0
Registration date : 23/07/2011

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